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Don’t let the drab of winter get your family down this year! When old man winter comes knocking, be prepared with the respiratory breathe blend.

Every winter season seems to bring a revolving door of cold and flus. You either have one, are getting over one, or your throat is starting to tingle as you read this blog. In our home, with two children, mission number one is to try and stave off the inevitable as long as possible. Being proactive is a must if you are going to elude winter’s dark shadow.

Here are a few proactive measures.  If followed consistently, it will be a great defence. First, use this unique blend of oils to breathe easier. Clear a stuffy nose before it turns into a dreaded sinus infection. Put 4 or 5 drops of oil in your diffuser filled with water, and allow it to run while you or your little bundles of joy are fast asleep.

Another way to use this blend is to apply it topically.  Be sure to dilute this essential oil in our carrier oil first.  Then rub the blend on the bottom of both feet and on the chest.

One last method to help maintain clear sinuses is to use the nasal inhaler. Simply apply a few drops to a cotton pad inside the inhaler. Insert, take a full breath through your nose, and repeat until you feel relief.

Remember, being proactive will keep your family and my family healthy this w

inter season!  So when old man winter comes a knocking, he can keep on walking!!!


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