The Right Road: How to Get on the Right Road to a Healthier You

The wellness world is a big deal right now. People are going out of their way to live healthier lives, protecting themselves from harsh commercials that ultimately impact their life in a negative way.

The clean eating craze is gaining momentum all over the world as people see the benefits of a simple diet low in refined sugars. I have spent the last three days in Montreal, and all over the city there are healthily alternatives instead of eating the commonly used fast food joints. It’s easier now to be healthier because of the many resources available to us. That is the reason why we started Lotus Naturals was to build a collection of natural products that can be trusted by your family.

I am writing this blog post to give you some simple steps to help you to follow after a healthier pathway for your life. These steps lead us into the right direction of wellness.

  1. Minimize Stress.

Stress is a huge factor on your health. I was shocked in all the ways that my body was affected by stress. The proven facts are that stress will weaken your immune system, and drive your body into a constant defence mode. Stress comes from both good things and bad things. Handling stress the right way will help us to become more productive in the long run.  A few ways that you can minimize stress in your life is: Simplify your life, create stress management system, get active and do something that you enjoy.

  2. Eat for nutrition.

“Food is medicine” this quote is often used but not often practised. We need to eat the right kind of food in order for our body to function properly. You do not have to be a doctor to know that eating for “taste or enjoyment” alone will not lead you down a proper pathway to a healthier you. Now, I do enjoy a lot of foods that are good for me – I will be the first to tell you that bad food does appeal to the taste buds. When we eat we have to constantly be reminded that eating is not only for enjoyment, but for nutrition – this must be our primary purpose.

  3. Be active.

Keep on the move. Activity can cause a lot of stress in your life, but remaining active will help control stress and help you to become healthier.  Try to get on your feet if you have a desk job and walk around or over your lunch break go for a walk. All of these hints and tricks will lead you on a pathway to success.

Health is wealth. Those who have it love it, and those that don’t want it. You can be that healthy person. You can take the right steps to wellness.

We are glad that you have allowed us to join you on this exciting path. We are here to help you on this journey and offer you great products that compliment a healthy life-style.

We recommend our “Essential” kit to start ditching harsh chemicals and move forward to wellness.


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Jerry began Lotus Naturals after an awful season of being sick. After finding no answers with conventional medicine, Jerry decided to take a natural approach. Lotus Naturals Canada began several years after with the premise of helping people follow the natural path in their life.

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