Resistance the Super Hero

So, it’s the flu season. My children’s school sent home a note the other day telling me that several kids are home sick with the Norwalk virus. I must be honest – I had no idea what the Norwalk virus even was. So, I did what every good parent would do – I googled it. I journeyed on the world wide web and checked it out. After my research, I thought, “Whoa! That isn’t good. I had to have a plan to protect.”

Everyday I would send my children to that virus pit – called school. They would come home and spread all those nasty viruses around me – innocent me. Gross! I had to do something. Anything. I knew I wasn’t helpless.

I asked my wife to start diffusing Resistance, Lotus Naturals Protection Blend. That we did. The mist was flying everywhere. We had it diffusing in the kitchen, in the basement, and in the living room.  We knew that viruses were hard to kill, and that it travels by air. By diffusing Lotus Naturals Resistance into the air at least we were doing something. We used Resistance as a cleaner, we rolled the SMARTblend on our feet. We did it all. Now, there is no guarantees that we are not going to get sick. Unfortunately, life doesn’t give us any guarantees. But at least we are doing something – natural.

I am happy to say that we are flu free – at least so far. The great thing about Resistance is that it smells amazing too. Whether it is diffusing in your office or your home, people will enjoy the wonderful sweet, cinnamon aroma that they smell. They will ask, “What is that smell?” And you can tell them that it is the Resistance Protection Blend.

It’s almost like Resistance is a super hero. Fighting the evil forces of viruses and bacteria – winning the day. Defeating the evils of sickness such as colds and flu’s. Well, maybe my imagine is getting out of hand – but it’s fun to imagine. Isn’t it?


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Jerry began Lotus Naturals after an awful season of being sick. After finding no answers with conventional medicine, Jerry decided to take a natural approach. Lotus Naturals Canada began several years after with the premise of helping people follow the natural path in their life.

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