Lotus Lava Rock Essential Oil Bracelets – What is all the Commotion About?

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The Lotus Lava Rock Essential Oil Bracelet is a great way to carry the power and fragrance of essential oils with you. If you are looking to pick a bracelet up, Lotus Naturals is the very best place to grab a bracelet that is both high quality and competitively priced.


If you are new to essential oils, you may be thinking why is there so much commotion about these lava bracelets.

In this post, I wanted to take some time and explain why we love lava rock bracelets.


As you are well aware, essential oils have various uses. Some people use EO's for the beautiful aroma that it adds to any room. I love diffusing lavender in our bedrooms; the smell makes our rooms smell and feel fresh. It's true. Just add a couple of drops to any diffuser, and you will have the place smelling like orange, lemon or even cinnamon.


Another great use of essential oils is for improving your health. We know that any natural product that we can use to build our immune system, combat a cold, or even enhance our overall health is so important. I think some of the MLM companies go a little too far with their claims of EO's, but we do know that EO's have a positive impact on our health.

What about carrying those same essential oils with you wherever you go? What if you had those incredible aromas near you all throughout the day? That is the beauty of each Lotus Lava Rock Essential Oil Bracelet.


Again, I want to stress that Lotus Naturals Canada is the best place to pick up a wide variety of fantastic essential oil bracelets at remarkable prices. We have one of the largest selections online in Canada, and we have a high-quality product.

What makes these bracelets so fabulous? That's a fair question, so let's try to answer it.

Lava Rock Essential oil bracelets diffuse the oils by the heat of your skin. When diffusers get too hot, they can destroy oil molecules. That's why we do not sell candle burners, for instance, they kill most of the oil properties, especially if the candle is kept on for too long. That's what is so great with lava bracelets; they will never get too hot that the oil properties would be in danger of being destroyed.

Lava Rock Bracelets
Lava Rock Bracelets
Lava Rock Bracelets
Lava Rock Bracelets

Another great reason to buy a lava bracelet is because of their usability. When you're stressed at work just smell the pleasant aroma diffused from that lava rock bracelet and all those deadlines will just melt away. Well, at least you will feel as if they were all melted away.

Everyone one wears jewelry these days,  and not only is the lava bracelets a fashion piece with your favourite Monday outfit, but it's also a functional and useful way to carry your oils with you.

At some offices, you are not allowed to diffuse oils because of those that have a tolerance to different scents. This is totally acceptable and we would never want someone to suffer because of our obsession with EO's. Not being able to bring your oils with you is not a problem. Just grab your fashionable Lava Rock Essential Oil Bracelet, a couple of drops of your favourite oils in the morning, and all day you can enjoy your desired aroma.


The Lotus Lava Rock Bracelets are a great way for you to carry your oils with you no matter where you go. Check out our comprehensive selection with the link below. You're going to love your new bracelet.

*Give us a moment of your time and tell us why you love your lava bracelet in the comments below.

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