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Our society is always on the lookout for the latest and greatest.  Technology sets the standard by coming out with a new and improved version of a gadget every few months—sometimes even more frequently! But when it comes to our health and well-being, sometimes we do well to take a page from the past.

Families like yours are right to look for a natural product in Canada.

Essential oils have been used throughout human history to treat a large number of ailments—both large and small.   Sometimes, the tried and true methods our mothers and grandmothers used really are the best.

Tea Tree Oil (TTO), also commonly called Melaleuca, is an amazing natural healer and all purpose cleanser.

It derives its name from the plant indigenous to Australia, the Melaleuca alternifolia.  Native Australians know the great benefits of Tea Tree Oil and have been using it in their households for well over one hundred years.  Tea Tree Oil is gaining in popularity amongst essential oil users in Canada.

What can Tea Tree Oil do for my family?

  1. Medicinal use–Amazingly enough, modern medicine has also made use of this versatile—yet sensitive—essential oil because of its cleansing properties. Tea Tree Oil has amazing antiseptic properties making it a natural cleaning agent.  Many types of bacteria, viruses, and fungi are rendered powerless in an environment purified with Tea Tree Oil.

As a natural antimicrobial, it is the perfect essential oil to apply to cuts and wounds to support healing.

  1. Cleaning agents—Because Tea Tree Oil is one of the most powerful antiseptic agents in the treasure trove of essential oils in Canada, it is a safe and effective cleanser for any dirty job in our homes. There are many household uses for Tea Tree Oil, some of the most common being natural bug spray formulations, facial cleansers, odor removers, and air purification.
  2. Acne and skin disorder treatment—As one of Canada’s greatest antimicrobial essential oils, Tea Tree Oil is a powerful acne remedy. It is gentler than more traditional acne treatments leaving the skin feeling refreshed and hydrated.

It also acts as nature’s anti-inflammatory which can provide welcome relief from painful skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema.

  1. Dry hair and scalp moisturizer—Tea Tree Oil has been proven to provide relief from itchy, flaking scalps. It is also touted as a remedy for and deterrent for lice.
  2. Virus and parasite fighter—Gone are the days of needing to take a traditional medication to get rid of pesky problems like ringworm and fungus of the toenail! Tea Tree Oil, one of the leading essential oils in Canada, has the power to kill viruses and infections caused by bacteria.  It has even shown efficacy in the treatment of plantar’s warts!
  3. Mold killer—It sounds too good to be true, but Tea Tree Oil is the enemy of mold. By simply making use of a diffuser to spray Tea Tree Oil into the air of your home, you can see a significant improvement of mold buildup in moist areas of your home.  It is also effective to remove mold on your shower curtains, toilet—even your washing machine!
  4. Odor fighter—As a natural deodorizer with antimicrobial properties, Tea Tree Oil can be used as a deodorant to help fight body odor. It can also be applied to shoes and athletic equipment to fight bacteria and improve the smell.

How do I use natural products like Tea Tree Oil?

Tea Tree Oil, one of Canada’s most popular essential oils, can be utilized in a variety of different ways.

  1. Oil diffusion—Essential oils often enhance our home environments as an aromatic. It is safe to inhale essential oils from their vials or by scent diffusion through a spray bottle or incense burner
  2. Topical application—Tea Tree Oil, a natural essential oil product available in Canada, can be used directly on the skin when combined with “carrier” oil such to dilute its properties. By combining Tea Tree Oil with an additional oil, you increase your health benefits and decrease any skin sensitivities to direct application of Tea Tree Oil to the skin.

It cannot be stressed enough that Tea Tree Oil is not to be ingested orally.  It can be toxic if swallowed.  Some people opt to use it as a form of mouthwash to prevent halitosis or to aid in the healing from mouth irritations such as canker sores.  While this is perfectly acceptable, it is important to note that Tea Tree Oil should always be used as a rinse only and should be spit out after use to prevent potential serious health issues as a result of ingestion. Also, you should be diluted with a carrier oil.

Tea Tree Oil is one of Canada’s number one essential oil products.

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