Certified P.U.R.E.

Lotus Naturals P.U.R.E. pledge confirms our commitment to provide you with natural products that are exactly what you expect natural to be: genuine and high quality. We are the only natural product business that offers this pledge for every product that we sell. Our commitment to wellness and quality is seen in the points of this pledge. Be careful of dirty essential oils that are filled with impurities - such as those that have harsh synthetics.

What makes our products certified P.U.R.E.?


Our Priority

The priority of Lotus Naturals is to use the highest quality natural products that we can source. For example, all of our essential oils are tested using state-of-the-art technology (gas chromatography) to ensure that you are getting a superior product.

Lotus Naturals is governed by a foundational principle that the costumer is our first priority. When this company began, our purpose was to help others to live healthier lives. That is still our purpose. We only use 100% natural products. You can be assured that when you purchase with Lotus Naturals that you're going to receive a pure product at the perfect price.

Our Point System

With Lotus Rewards, each qualified product that you purchase earns you points toward your next purchase. What does this mean for you? It means even more savings throughout the year. To see how many points you have go to my account.


Our products are unadulterated from pollutions that affect our lives in a negative way.

Essential oils sold today have no governing body to prove the authenticity of the oils offered to the consumer. Many companies dilute their products underhandedly with carrier oils or synthetics. This affects their potency and effectiveness. This is why Lotus Naturals created their P.U.R.E. pledge. This ensures that you are getting a superior product every time.

We test our products to make sure that each product that we offer is pure - free of chemicals. You can be confident that when you make a purchase with us that the product is one that we would use on our own families.

Diluted products can be beneficial because of their ease of use - like in our SMARTblend products. We make sure all of our diluted products are clearly stated on their labels and on our website.


Research & Development makes a huge difference at Lotus Naturals. We are always advancing and learning how we can serve you in a greater way. We work hard to create new products that complement a healthy lifestyle.

The future for Lotus Naturals is bright. We have a story to tell, and we are guided by a principle that will lead us in the right direction into the future. We are confident that you will love our products – because we do. We know that they are going to make a difference in your life for the better.

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The effectiveness of our products is undeniable. The testimonies and feedback from countless people that use our products show their effectiveness in everyday life. Our goal has always been to make a difference.

We would love to hear from you! Please contact us if you have any questions.

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