Candida Spit Test – An Easy Way To See If You Have Candida

Several years ago, I went through a tough time with my health. I ended up bedridden and couldn't get any answers from doctors.

Emergency Room is where I went to see if I could find answers

My family doctor told me that all of the problems that I was facing were in my head and that I needed to stop. I couldn't stop. I tried everything that I could to try to get answers but had concluded that I was either dying or would have to live like this forever.


After some research and a visit with a local naturopathic doctor, I discovered that I had candida

Now, this was all new to me. Candida is a fungus that grows inside the intestinal tract. We all have a healthy amount of yeast in our gut, but when it overgrows and becomes a fungus, it wreaks havoc on our bodies.


Right away I started a candida colon cleanse. I stopped eating surgery foods and started taking some supplements to regain control.

Here is a list of supplements that I started to take:

Before I continue with this post, I want to tell you of some symptoms that I was experiencing with my candida. I struggled with severe bloating (to the point it was pressing on nerves and causing a lot of pain) weakness and fatigue, sugar cravings, joint and muscle pain and a whole lot more. I was so weak that I couldn't get out of bed. Also, I had terrible sinus headaches and rashes. It was awful.


One of the tests that I did myself was the candida spit test. I think it's important to have some kind of candida albicans test done. This test is simple and helped confirm that I did have an overgrowth in my body. I wouldn't say that this is the only test that you should do, but it sure gives you insight to knowing if you may have candida.

The test is easy. When you wake up in the morning before you do anything, take a glass of water and spit in it (I know it sounds gross, but hear me out). If you have candida overgrowth in your mouth, you will see your spit begin to fall to the bottom of the glass. You're going to see tentacles reaching to the base. This test is the most straightforward test to show a candida growth.

Remember that it's not perfect, and it's not complete, but it's not just hyped up either. There is some truth to it. The candida in our mouth is heavier than our normal saliva. When we spit in a glass of water, the candida albicans will begin to sink - and there you go.


I plan to do several posts on my candida journey and give you tips and details on how I am dealing with candida and killing it. If you have candida or think that you may have candida you need to follow this thread - I do believe that I can give you some critical insight.

That is all from me today, I hope that you have a great day and I hope that you leave a comment and tell everyone how you found out that you had candida.


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Jerry began Lotus Naturals after an awful season of being sick. After finding no answers with conventional medicine, Jerry decided to take a natural approach. Lotus Naturals Canada began several years after with the premise of helping people follow the natural path in their life.

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