A Natural Deodorant in Canada that Works!

Are you looking for a natural deodorant in Canada? Because you are reading this blog post I can assume one of two scenarios: either you like to use natural products, or you see the danger that other deodorants have to offer. Maybe you are reading this blog post because you agree with both the statements above. Nevertheless, I'm glad that you found Lotus Naturals Canada.



Lotus Naturals Canada is a family built company focused on developing a brand around healthy products that you can be confident are safe and beneficial.

We began with our line of Certified Pure Essential Oils which now we're shipping all across Canada. We have been continually adding new products that we are proud to use with our very own families.

Natural Products for your Family

This blog post is about another great product that we have added to the Lotus Naturals family!

Finding a natural deodorant in Canada can be a difficult task. I mean, lots of deodorants claim to be natural, but the ingredients listed on their label tells a different story all together. Where do we find a natural deodorant in Canada that really works?


Lotus Naturals has recently partnered with a great Canadian company, PurelyGreat. In doing so, we have added their deodorant line to our website. We're very excited about the benefits of this natural deodorant.

PurelyGreat's deodorant is all natural. It is everything a natural product should be. It's a fresh, long-lasting, 100% natural deodorant, that's aluminum free and vegan-friendly.

You'll love it!

We have personally tested this product, and we must say it works great! We had no problem with the claims made by PurelyGreat.

Here are what other people are saying:

"Just wanted to say I give this the “Field-Tested” approval. I’ve never found a natural product that works as well as this one – and I use such a tiny amount! I was worried it would irritate my skin as other baking soda products did- but it didn’t! Thanks!" Amy

"Wow! Wow! Wow! This is truly an amazing product. I have been using the crystal for maaany years and always had to ‘refresh’ at least once a day, more on the hot days…I’ve been using the citrus one for 5 days … The smell result? Still PurelyGreat!" Kim

The deodorant is a little unconventional than all the other deodorants that are on the market. The deodorant itself is cream based. You have a short stick that you use to stir the contents if they become separated (and they always do over time). Just using a little dab, you place it in the area needed. That is it! There is nothing to it.

We think that you are going to love using this product as much as we do, and  your going to feel good knowing that you are putting an entirely pure product on your body.

More than just natural, this deodorant really works. We will be adding some samples of this deodorant to random customer's orders so that people can give it a try.


  • Does your deodorant keep you dry for the day?
  • Do you know that most of the content of  a roll-on is wax?
  • Did you know that you have lymph nodes near you armpits?
  • Do you know what ingredients are in your deodorant like aluminum and parabens?
  • Have you researched natural crystal deodorant to ensure it is really safe?
  • Have you tried natural deodorants that don’t last all day?
  • Do you get skin irritations from your deodorant?
  • Did you know that your skin is your largest organ and absorbs everything you apply to it?
  • Are you concerned that the chemicals in deodorants are connected to breast health?
  • Did you know that spray deodorants are bad for you to inhale on a daily basis?
  • Does your deodorant stain your clothes?


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Jerry began Lotus Naturals after an awful season of being sick. After finding no answers with conventional medicine, Jerry decided to take a natural approach. Lotus Naturals Canada began several years after with the premise of helping people follow the natural path in their life.

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